My favourite thing - sketches :) I have an abundance of them - piles and piles which I don't know what to do with anymore. Some of the better ones have been put up here. Most of them will remain unfinished, but if you'd like to see any completed, let me know. I just might love 'em enough to do 'em proper ;)


Boom-Boom (Meltdown) and Jubilee; Mystique; Rogue and Gambit. In my alternate universe, Boom-Boom and Jubilee are best friends. Most of the time anyway. ;)

At the Party At the Party
No, they're not naked. This is just unfinished. They're meant to be in eveningwear. I might finish it, if I'm bothered (or if you convince me ;p).
Kordey`s X-Treme Rogue Kordey's X-Treme Rogue
IMHO, Kordey's costume for Rogue was one of her best in a long time. Sexy and sassy leathers. Too bad it didn't last too long. :(
Remy in jeans, for Nef Remy in Jeans (sketch)
Coloured version is in the colour section. I prefer the sketch.
Fashion Plates

Fashion Plates (sketch)
The original pencils for the 'Fashion Plates' picture (in the black and white section). The markings on it are for light sources and anatomy references.

Falling Gambit Falling Gambit
Unfinished. Can't be bothered to finish this now. It was more of an experiment in anatomy and motion.
Kiss Kiss
A gift drawn from Angy. If you're a RoGambit fan, go read her fanfiction now! :D
Girly Day Out Girly Day Out
An old picture. I don't like how Storm came out at all, but I like the way Rogue and Jubilee did, and Jean's not too bad. :)
After the Party After the Party
This was kind of an experiment in trying out a different kind of shading. Contoured shading, I like to call it. I'm still in the process of finishing it off. I just love the chemistry in this. :)


Drawn in my notebook in ballpoint pen. They were orginally separate figures, but were joined together in Photoshop. Background writing was the original draft for Threads, chapter 6. :)

Gambit Montage

Gambit Montage
Whenever I got bored in Uni, I'd draw Gambit, on just about any paper surface. Usually my notepad or worksheets, or photocopies. At this point, my obsession knew no bounds. Here's a few stuck together.

Mix n Match L&L cast

Mix 'n' Match's L&L cast
This is part of the cast from my fic, Mix 'n' Match, which I wrote with angyxoxo. These are the folks from Laurier & Lauriel - (from left to right) Kitty Pryde, Remy LeBeau, Anna Raven, Jean Paul Beaubier, Monet St. Croix and Peter Rasputin.