30th May '09 UPDATES: - I've uploaded a few illustrations from my fanfic, House of Cards. They're in the Illustrations section. A few more choice illustrations from the HoC book will be uploaded in the near future. There's also a sketch in the Sketches section. Fully edited chapters of House of Cards have also now been uploaded.

7th May '09 UPDATES: - After a two year hiatus I'm back! Unfortunately I don't have the drive or time to redesign this site, so I'll just be keeping it like this, although there will be more frequent updates (I hope!). Threads is also back after four and a half years away, and tale #7 is now up on fanfiction.net and this site. A new Cheating At Solitaire illustration has been uploaded to the Illustrations section. More updates (catching up) hopefully on the horizon soon. -Ludi

10th November '07 UPDATES: - One new pic in the Sketches section. I also uploaded some unfinished Bad Touch and Cheating At Solitaire illustrations in the Illustrations section, these consist of unfinished sketches, concepts and designs. Enjoy.

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Prints - If you are interested in purchasing a print of any of my work, please send me an email at ludis_x_art#yahoo.co.uk and I'll see if I can sort something out. Thanks :)