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Note on Threads: Threads is my little baby that's been developing for quite some time now. They are tales of Rogue and Gambit from alterniverse continuities. Each 'Thread' is based on an alternate universe and can be read as a separate story, or as a continuation from the 'Thread' that preceded it. Each 'Thread' is linked to the one after and before it by a single motif, image, theme, or event.
So 'Threads' can be read either as a story or as a collection of short stories. Therefore feel free to read each story in whatever order you want.


Heirloom [PG]


The Comicverse


Tale #1: - One Sunday morning in Valle Soleada, Rogue and Gambit recall the moment they first met one another.

The Ties That Bind [PG-13]

Sexual situation

Rogue costume Remy costume Raven LeBeau costume Rogue concubine robes

Alternate Mutant X (comic, not TV series) universe


Tale #2 -The Rogue travels to the heart of the corrupt Clan LeBeau with one purpose in mind - revenge. Sometimes love ends before it has even begun. A dark, Gothic romance.

Sins of the Father [R]

Themes of violence, sex

X-Men: 2099 A.D.


Tale #3 - What if Gambit really had been the infamous X-Men traitor? And what if he'd left Rogue with more than just one reason to hate him?

Real Love [R]

Violence, sex, language

Matrix Tale #4 - Whilst on a mission Rogue and gambit become stranded in a world where the very reality of their love is tested. Movie-crossover.

Touch and Go [PG]

Rogue costume

Ages of Apocalypse (Uncanny X-Men #378) Tale #5 - All she wants is love; all he wants is understanding. Can two enemies come to an unlikely compromise?

Degrees of Separation [PG-13]

Mild sex themes


Tale #6 - Gambit has an important decision to make that could effect the rest of the Threads, but is it a choice Rogue is willing to let him make?

Touching the Void [PG]


House of M


Tale #7- When a S.H.I.E.L.D. enforcer absorbs a notorious criminal, neither of their lives are ever the same again.